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3D Studio Max - Hide edges with UV Mapping In 3d Studio Max.
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Hide edges with UV Mapping In 3d Studio Max.

Hey im having a problem in rendering my model. Its low poly and the edges are showing up. Ive seen a lot of guys mapping

lowpoly but their edges are not showing. The edges that im talking about is the one that makes the model blocky, or look

really low poly. what technique shall i use ?

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Reply Date: 28-Feb-12

If you're using an Editable Poly, check your smoothing groups. Having contiguous faces in the same smoothing group will produce the illusion of smoothed surface normals. This method will not change the silhouette.

If the final product doesn't have to be low poly, you can apply a TurboSmooth modifier on top of the stack to subdivide the model and smooth out the angles. This method will change the silhouette.

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