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Poser default


Today I was experimenting a bit with the cameras in Poser Pro 2010 when I clicked on Four Cams and now I just can't get rid of it... I also tried with General Preferences - Launch Behaviour, but it didn't help.
Any advice please?


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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

I'm guessing you mean you are now seeing four ports...maybe each with a different camera.

If so, near the bottom left corner of the scene window (with the four ports open), there is a light-colored square with an inverted triangle to its left.

Click on the square or the triangle; it will open a menu and give you many choices for how you want your working scene to display.

If Poser ever gets really weird, you can always delete your Poser.ini file; when Poser starts up, it will re-create a new one with default features.

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