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Classified Ads - The Benefits of Electric grass cutter
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The Benefits of Electric grass cutter

Electric grass cutter

Electric lawn mowers are a safe, economical and environmentally friendly choice of lawn trimming tool. If you already have either a corded or cordless electric lawn mower, or are thinking of buying one, here are a few tips on how to maximise the life of your mower to ensure you get a long life span out of it.

Among mowers that are powered, the reel and rotary lawn mower comes in one of two models: push or self-propelled. The engine on a simple power mower is only used to spin the blades. This is supposed to make it easier to push the mower over the grass, however, you now have the added weight of the engine. If you want the mower to be self-propelled as well, a different engine and design is used. This is the most expensive kind of mower, but the easiest to use.Ha-ko Lawn mowers are powered by B&S or honda petrol engine, Frequent mowing helps reduce weed growth while strengthening grass. When mowing the yard, it's best to overlap rows by half, and mow the entire lawn in a back and forth pattern, for example north and south. Follow this with perpendicular rows, or east and west. Avoid mowing in a circular pattern. Reel and rotary blades should be professionally sharpened as a matter of routine to keep your lawn looking its best.
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The idea of a green lawn mower, or one that is more friendly to the environment, is not something we often give a lot of thought to. After all most of us only wheel out that oily, smoking run down mower from the shed once every week or two, and then we only use it for at most an hour.

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Nice Article for grass cutter.........!

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