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My Creative Works

My Creative Works

"Isabella V" is a brand new figure designed for todays needs for a more dynamic woman. Her high dence polycount in the places that matter set her apart from other figures. She is fully rigged and ready for animation and poses.

Lightwave 3D Version 8.0 or higher.

You can purchase her here:

Interested in more please let me know.
Use them for studies, references, renders, etc.

Note: Characters can be used in any latest 3D software (Maya, 3ds Max, Lightwave 3d, Cinema 4D, Poser, Softimage XSI, trueSpace, Blender, Rhino3D, gmax, Modo, Mudbox, MotionBuilder, etc.) that supports .obj & .jpg file formats.

You can buy these models here:

Free Models:

Or you can find them online thru google search....

Newhere and Darkseal's The New Girl

A product available by Me and Darkseal here:

*All render images posted online are credited to Darkseal & newhere 2012*

Need a New Girl to bang? Want tons of morphs included on your figure? Want a set of tits and pussy with more polys than you know what to do with? Rigged titties and ass cheeks that makes sure you have a "shake with dem fries"? Wait no more!! The New Girl is HERE!!


"The New Girl" (TNG) is a brand new figure designed for today's needs for a more dynamic woman. Her high dense poly-count in the places that matter set her apart from other figures. The breasts and buttocks are rigged, making her an animators dream for subtle motion movements without resorting to playing with morphs. Morphs ARE included though, for not only some more basic movements, but for creating completely different looks. "TNG" comes standard with OVER 100 Morph dials included. Everything from different body builds to softening her knees, to changing her nose and giving her fantasy-like ears... Genitalia and breasts also have plenty of versatility...

TNG figure comes with 2 different hair solutions. 1 is the "Bob" hairstyle. A nice, almost shoulder length, hair prop that has morphs included to move the bangs, change the length, and sway side to side, back and forth, with the wind. The second hair solution is for Poser's Hair room. A Skull Cap has been included to make the hair room "a breeze". Just add the skull cap smart prop to the figure, select it, and enter the hair room. Create your group and grow your style. Easy!

A set of Bra and Panties (smart props) have been included to use in Posers "Cloth Room". Since there are so many different body shapes included in TNG's standard package, so many different looks to give TNG, this makes it easy to scale the outfit, quickly run a sim, and TaDa!

16 poses have been included with the figure to get you started! What are you waiting for? Get The New Girl on the block today!

* Pc, not tested on mac (for the zip as i understand). Created for Poser in mind, Figure tested and works in Daz (clothing not tested). For more info please read the "readme" file.

Newhere's Love Seat Sofa:

Purchase here:

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