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The Land of the Mounds

Title: The Land of the Mounds
Artist: Matthew White
Software: Terragen
Theme: Nature
Description: I know there is not much to the picture, but read the story. “The Land of the Mounds” I made up a story to go along with this one. This is a picture of the Land of the Mounds I took while I coasted by it. I, nor anyone I have ever known would set foot on the land of that place. Sure you say it doesn't look to scary but this photo was taken in the morning and nothing looks scary in the morning. The last person that went inland there was never heard of again. Now there is a story, about this island, I was told by my father and his father told it to him. Now if I can remember rightly it goes something like this. It was a long time ago that this island was covered with people, but not only people lived there. Before the people came, the island teamed with little men, giants, beasts that spoke the human tong, and all sorts of other creatures that man has never given name. The people of the time went to and from the island as they pleased but few ever stayed long. Then one day a man went to the island not in the name of trading but of conquering. He came with a large vessel caring many fighting men. They ripped through the harbor leaving little of use behind. A message went out across the island calling all able to defend the island. They fought for a while but neither gained any ground. Finally an agreement was made and they were to live together. This is what I mentioned in the beginning of the story. After a few years the man was not happy with sharing the island and went to war again. This time no agreement was made. They fought for a time but the men were no match for the giants. The giants defeated them and the humans went home. But at a cost. Most of the giants were mortally wounded and soon died. The little men covered the bodies with dirt right where they lay because they were too big to move. Most of the giants died at the water front. So when they were buried it created an almost barrier between the inland and the sea. So now no one can see what is happening beyond the mounds. Since that last great fight only the bravest dare step upon the island, and those who do are never heard from again.
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