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Project Reflection

Title: Project Reflection
Artist: Bracer Jack
Software: 3D Studio Max
Theme: Characters
Description: This project was originally started out to convince myself that the standard scanline renderer in 3ds max can give very good results had one really maximize it's capability. In many aspects it's too fast to just throw it away :D Also I'm too tired of all the Sub-surface scattering & GI craze. Those SSS Parameters freaks me out, I'm not touching it anymore. Ha Ha Ha I am thinking, let's just create a portrait as realistic as my current skill level could possibly give me, using the one renderer I know that's so basic, that I couldn't go wrong because I have total control on so many extremely basic things, that all these while, I had want to have control over, instead of letting the computer handle it. I've also created this pose so that I can draw some strength from that determined look when I need it. heh
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