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the silent killer

Title: the silent killer
Artist: Mathias Pedersen
Software: Blender
Theme: Characters
Description: This piece was done for a contest at the Danish 3D community with the theme The Silent Killer. I quickly decided that I wanted to do an alternative interpretation of the subject (which sadly meant no cool, dangerous and sneaky ninjas for my part). :) "the silent killer" focuses on a very silent killer that we all can be very sure will get us someday: Time. It is one of the things in life we can be completely certain of - it will not last forever. The old man in the picture is on the edge of life, reflecting upon his past. Sadly though, not all pass away of natural courses, but most do, and I wanted to show that in this piece. I worked pretty hard for about a month on this to get it done in time for the deadline. The image is composited, retouched and post-processed upon in Photoshop. Due to the deadline things like subtle hair strands on the old man's head and his sweater had to be painted in afterwards.
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