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His First Poop

Title: His First Poop
Artist: Bracer Jack
Software: 3D Studio Max
Theme: Characters
Description: After clicking the “export to real life” button [a plug-in from], the mascot materializes in front of me. In my joyfulness I say to the mascot: “Hi…”, still stun by what I’ve created breathing in front of me I continued: “I’m your creator, you can call me Bracer”. He stared at me, then he blinked, expressionless, tilted his head, look around. I asked him: “What do you want to do? Is there anything I can get you?” He nods his head vigorously, conveying a sense of agency. Then start running around my house, finally stop inside the toilet. Ha, my mascot wants to poop! “Strange, I didn’t model any thing inside his stomach…must be some stray vertices” I though to myself. He keeps on jumping on the seat, he have no ideal how to use it! I don’t even think he realize he must take off his pants first! Of course I proceed to help him. What do you think comes out from his butt?
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