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Torch Room Shot 1_Day

Title: Torch Room Shot 1_Day
Artist: Chris Trainor
Software: 3D Studio Max
Theme: Architecture
Description: This is a shot of the torch room in the morning. There were some adjustments to make the Mental Ray render the light. The final gather presets were set on high with the multiplier set to 3. Besides from a few increases and decreases in the basic final gather settings, I increased the diffuse bounces to 7. The global illumination was also tweaked to make the light spread throughout the room. The light that I used was a mental ray sun with the use of the mental ray physical sky. Most of the basic settings were unchanged but I increased the haze to 4 to make the sky less obvious that it was mental ray sky. I also added volume light to the sun which allows the glare from the sun to enter the room. The setting for that was increased as well. With the mental ray exposure control, I set the preset to indoor day time. When creating the movie for this project, I had to decrease the settings. That being said, this generated the final render that you see. I like that with all the tweaks that I did help create this final image. The harmony of the sun hitting the walls, floor and ceiling created a warm look and feel in the room. At the same time when you look at the pocket of the room (the area with the altar, large torch and wall ornament), the light is soft there. All of the shadows generated throughout the room exist and are soft. Out of the two sets of images made (day and night), I liked the day set of images the most.
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