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Torch Room Shot 1_Night

Title: Torch Room Shot 1_Night
Artist: Chris Trainor
Software: 3D Studio Max
Theme: Architecture
Description: This is a shot of the torch room at night. There were some adjustments to make the Mental Ray render the scene. The final gather presets were set to their standard settings. The global illumination was also set to their standard settings. The light that I used was a mental ray sun with the use of the mental ray physical sky. Most of the settings were lowered to make the scene dark. For the mental ray sky parameters, I lowered the multiplier to .05 and the haze to 0. With the mental ray exposure control, I set the preset to indoor night time. To create fire in the torch pan and torches, I created spheregizmos, scaled them to fit, and gave them a fire effect. From there I tweaked the settings to create the fire. When being animated, I increased the phase and drift. To create the light for the fire I used an free light. The shadows were set to mental ray. The intensity was set to kelvin with a setting of 2000 that had a filter color to orange. I also included far attenuation to show range for each light. Although this is just a single rendered image, I animated the light to flicker and move around. To create the flicker, I went into the curve editor and modified the intensity to a noise float. I set the strength to be over 1 (the >0 checked on) and the frequency to be set low. To move the light I moved it to place to place and key framed it. To create the smoke, I used the snow particle effect. The settings for the pan are much higher than they are a single torch. For the look of the smoke, I used a texture which consisted of a self-illumination and an opacity map set to a gradient. When creating the movie for this project, I had to decrease some settings. That being said, this rendered the final render that you see. I think it turned out okay. In some areas the torches generate enough light to actually see; however, large open areas you can barely see. Although the fire looks like fire, I hate to say it but I don't like it. The only reason why I went with this method is that it not as intense to render compared to a particle generated fire. This is especially true to the fire in the pan. For the torch it looks good because you can barely see it.
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