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Flavitsky's Princess Tarakanova 3D

Title: Flavitsky's Princess Tarakanova 3D
Artist: Boris Chuprin
Software: Maya
Theme: Characters
Description: Flavitsky's Princess Tarakanova 3D So, here is MY 3D VISION of one of the best masterpieces of russian fine art. This is "Princess Tarakanova" painted by Flavitsky in 1864. The subject of this canvas is based on a real story of Russia. There is a woman who called herself Princess Vladimirskaya daughter of Empress Elizaveta, so it means she had pretensions for the crown of Russia. She was captured by order of Ekaterina II and prisoned in Petropavlovskaya fortress. There she died of tuberculosis. They thought she died during the flood in 1777 in St. Petersburg when many prisoners drown in their cells. Also, many years later when she was given the name of Princess Tarakanova, the title of real illegitimate daughter of Elizaveta and Razumovsky. The real daughter was a nun, and noone knows her history for sure... On this illustration you may see her during the flood in Petropavlovskaya fortress. The original is kept in Trtyakovskaya gallery, Moscow. Always welcome :-)
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