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first environment -mountain village-

Title: first environment -mountain village-
Artist: Luigi Marini
Software: Vue d'esprit
Theme: Nature
Description: I have wanted to post this pic (also if it's WIP), because this one project, will take me very long time. Vue 6 Infinite is a mature product, IMO, (also if it has many problems yet), it has much and power features, therefore it's necessary, achieve an helpful work method, for attain satisfactory results. With this one project, I have tried to do what. Some technical notes: this project is built in a modular mode, and it's composed by several parts and components: - scena base, two terrains with own multi-layers eco-materials: the main terrain (4 ecosys-layers and 5 materials-layers), the secondary terrain (1 ecosys-layer and 1 material-layer). - 50 old houses all built inside Vue, with primitive and booleans function. - paving and urban furniture (built with Vue primitive, only spring come from by Sven Daennart website). - bridge (built with Vue primitive). - vehicles from DMI website. - characters by Poser. - 3-4 atmospheres. - more than 50 points light (for old houses and street lamp). - textures almost all by mine (some from Psicosonic website). The final environment built and scene composition, take place in this way: - open the scena-base - choose the shot and the atmosphere - populate all the eco-systems (from two terrains) - merge each component I need for the scene (not all at the same time) - launch the rendering This method has several advantages, that I have experimented (thanks above all the new Vue6 "Merge" feature): - it's possible build very complex scenes (only where and what it need) - easiness to build the single components and manage them - possibility to increase (endless almost) the scene environment - easiness to arrange for future animations - but in this way, I have an obligation (but it's also the strong of the method); I must to built, with very attention and great cure, the scene-base. I have to expend much time fot it, I have to see it in a large scale, I have to think it in environment (eco-systems) requirement. I repeat, it's the strong of this method, IMO, force we to built the whole environment and not only the final scene. We don't have to forget that Vue is an "environment" generator, this one is own purpose. I preparing other pics, from this one project, and also some animations. In short time I will post them. None postwork! Thanks for viewing and comments! Luigi.
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