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SPARTANS!!! Tonight, we dine in hell!!!

Title: SPARTANS!!! Tonight, we dine in hell!!!
Artist: Kostas Nikellis
Software: Bryce
Theme: Characters
Description: Bryce & Poser. No postwork at all. Background sky is a photo of mine, not a Bryce sky. ---------------------------------------------- Hi all, In about 2 months a new Hollywood film named "300" is about to be released...Some of you may have seen the trailers in the net...It's actually based in Frank Miller's comic novell "300" which is about the ancient battle of Thermopylae at 480 BC bettween Greeks and Persians...In command of Greeks was king Leonidas of Sparta and his personal guard of 300 warriors. According to the trailers i have seen the movie will be at list impressive...But both the movie and comic is not historically accurate...The true story Herodotus (the father of History) wrote some years after this battle is better by far and of course true. The actual word Leonidas said to the Greeks troops (300 Spartans & 700 Thespiis) the last day was "Eat well because this night we 're gonna dine in Hades"(the place where Greeks beleived the dead go), meaning that nobody will survive or retreat from the battlefield, according to the Spartan law & ethic. Here it has to be honoroubly mentioned that the 700 Thespiis stayed, fought & die not because of their law or any obligation but only for duty & honour. ------------------------------------------------ Sorry for this lesson people but i thought, just because of the movie release, i had to mention all this. Of course my Bryce picture can not compare with all this fantastic Hollywood CGI, but i really hope you all like it... Kind regards Kostas.
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