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Poor Pluto

Title: Poor Pluto
Artist: Mathias Pedersen
Software: Blender
Theme: Characters
Description: With Earth as the leader, the planets of the Solar System has turned against poor Pluto excluding him from their group of planets. This image is build upon recent events in which Pluto has been degraded to a "dwarf planet". It is now no longer part of the classic lines of planets. It's strange when you've been able to memorize the planets ever since you were a kid, and for the future will have to leave this poor little icy rock out. :( I liked doing a smaller project for a change. I had this simple idea, and worked on/off for about a week on completing this image. I had great fun stuffing as many little funny details into the image as I could, and I hope you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed making it!
18 Ratings for an Average Score of 8
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