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Tara Petrick

Title: Tara Petrick
Artist: Boris Chuprin
Software: Maya
Theme: Characters
Description: I have chosen this particular title not to confuse search engines :) The PURPOSE is to create a photorealistic 3D portrait with the maximum of similarity. Similarity must be caught already at the mesh level, i.e. generally without any texture. Also I decided not to use any texture from Teras photos. That means that it is permitted to take photographic material, but in no case from her photos. As the practice showed, the photo stretched over a typical sphere makes this sphere look like a person whose photo we are taking :) Why have I chosen Tera as a model? First of all, she is pretty cute. Secondly, she has characteristic features. In the beginning I was sure that it will help me (in theory in should be true, especially when a real master works ). However, I suffered a lot from her uniqueness, spice and eastern refinement. The problem was to catch these features first and then to reproduce them. Thanks a lot to my friends. They helped me with their appraisals and endless patience very much ! Any relevant pieces of criticism are welcome.
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