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Papo Head

Title: Papo Head
Artist: Arash Ahmadi khalaji
Software: 3D Studio Max
Theme: Characters
Description: My latest project was creating of papo. He's a Shapeshifter character that lives in Tehran (Iran) in a deserted subway station at 2120 . He guards a secret way to a city (his birthplace) of underworld that is under Tehran as his military services period.His a good guitarplayer and craftman that can make magical weapons and do everything with magic. About thechnical part My mechine is a home PC and I want to make an animation by this character then Ive edited a low-poly character of mine to a semi hight res character to make an animation by it I mean that clothes are low res and head and hands are hight res . and Ive made normal bump maps for clothes to show them more realistic.
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