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TCU ... Mother Daughter Reunion

Title: TCU ... Mother Daughter Reunion
Artist: Moon Watcher
Software: Poser
Theme: Fantasy
Description: She had a mortal birth upon the service of a once thriving planet. She, Space Girl, I call her Space Girl because once she had left her mortal coil, she had traveled so far for so long the her mortal name no longer exists. She grew faster then any of the other children her own age. She learned very quickly, learned more, and became much more aware of nature and things working together. Naturally, curious she took well to all forms of science, but made a spiritual connation with the world around her. Then finally, one day through all her studies, prayers and meditation she became to understand her relation to the center of the universe, left her mortal coil, and became Space Girl and a part of the cosmos (see The Center of the Universe). Spending most of her time drifting around her birth planet and not venturing to far from its solar system, Space Girl was learning all and becoming as connected with the cosmos as much as she could. When Space Girl could learn no more and was as connected as she could get the cosmos then transported her away to somewhere she would finish her cosmic evolution (Center of the Universe ... Transported). Feeling the need to use her new understanding, Space Girl went about creating new worlds and solar systems (see The Center of the Universe ... A New Creation). After ages of more and more understanding, there was still one more thing Space Girl had to do. Space Girl had this strongest desire to go home. Once she felt the return of her wayward daughter the dieing planet using all her energy pushed up her rocky surface. To the best of her memory and ability, the planet molded the rocky surface into the shape of the female mortal that used to exist on her surface. All that effort put forth so that the planet could embrace her returning daughter, Space Girl. Space Girl returned just as the planet finished making the rock formation and the two where able to embrace for a short while (see The Center of the Universe ... Mother Daughter Reunion). As the early dawn started to shine down on that part of the planet, the star that had warmed that planet for so long exploded destroying the planet and sending Space Girl back into the cosmos. At first Space Girl was surprised to feel a small about of shock, then sadness and surprise. Those feeling did not last long as Space Girl came to realize the freedom of now not having a past and that the cosmos was her true and infinite home and mother.
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