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New Surgical Lazer Design the L5 System

Title: New Surgical Lazer Design the L5 System
Artist: David Freeman
Software: 3D Studio Max
Theme: Realism
Description: Designed in 3D Studio Max. THe model took about 17 hours. Advanced designs for Surgical Lasers for use in brain surgery and spinal surgery. This laser tip is able to adjust down to 0.5 microns and back up again to 30.0 microns in diameter. The Laser L5 System will have a front mounted HD micro- digital HD video camera so that the surgeon will have outstanding viewing range during the operation.Guides can be added to the video for precise placement of the laser cutting beam. Computer aided surgeries will be possible as well in the near future. MRI and CT scans will make it possible to build composites within the computer that will guide the surgical instrments and lasers though the human body.
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