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Production Outsourcing Services By GameYan

Title: Production Outsourcing Services By GameYan
Artist: Ruturaj Desai
Software: 3D Canvas
Theme: Abstract
Description: Services We Provide: - Character Modeling: - For More Information: - We offer Character Design companies and texturing with high-ploy and low Poly optimization based on platform and client’s requirements. Character Rigging and animation: - For More Information: - We provide you with customized Character Riggers and Animation for video game, mobile game, MMO, Movie, TVC, Or VR Interactive. Shading, Lighting and Rendering: - For More Information: - GameYan is Specializing in various 3D Lighting Techniques rendering services that commonly used including Ray Tracings, Shading, Lighting, Radiosity And Scanline. Motion Capture: - For More Information: - We provide Mocap Animation outsourcing services as we are highly equipped with Motion Capture suits and Mocap Artists for Human and animal Character animation which reduce turnaround time then key frame animation.
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